Mission: Understood.

Oh my goodness. 

Writing a blog is kind of a big deal. This one is the first blog since I updated the website! Woo! 

I decided I won't give myself any unnecessary rules for this blog, because rules will make it have pressure and kill creativity. So, I will be writing a blog when I feel like it. 

Today, the subject is this concept my friend, Sam Killerman and I came up with after discovering that we both felt like there was an important connection we shared, but weren't sure why. Sam and I met at Bouldin Creek. A place we both found ourselves at very often, operating as a great workspace as free lance artists and humans. Sam is a social justice comedian who travels the country and world giving inspiring, educational and entertaining talks to groups of people to encourage understanding. Anyway, I am not nearly as accomplished, but I also  like to think I try to encourage and help bridge gaps for understanding. Basically, that's what I feel is my life's mission. So we figured it out. We both feel like our life missions are to help promote understanding, and therefore, prevent some amount of suffering. So there you have it, Mission: Understood was birthed. 

No Idea, at all, what it means, but hey. Let's see what happens. ;)

And that's the end of the first blog! See! No rules.